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Added udunits-2.2.26

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# Installation instructions
## Prerequisites
You need to have libexpat installed in `$EXPAT_DIR`. See [UDUNITS documentation]( for details.
## Download Source
First download the source into directory `$DIR` (placeholder for the directory of your choice).
cd $DIR
wget wget
tar -xzf udunits-2.2.26.tar.gz
# Fix autoconf scripts for SX AURORA
cd udunits-2.2.26/build-aux
rm config.sub config.guess
wget \ \
## Build and install
On the front-end, we can cross-compile. Remember to replace `$PREFIX` with your installation directory.
cd $DIR/udunits-2.2.26
# configure the package
./configure \
CC=ncc CXX=nc++ FC=nfort F90=nfort LD=nld AR=nar RANLIB=nranlib \
--host=ve-nec-linux-gnu --prefix=$PREFIX
# build
# test
qlogin -q veinteractive -l elapstim_req=1800
make check
# install
make install
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