Commit 3e2958a6 authored by Willi Rath's avatar Willi Rath

Merge branch 'add-era-land-mask' into 'master'

Add era land mask

See merge request !11
parents 06887640 9839dce4
......@@ -3,6 +3,7 @@ cancel var/all
use "/data/c2/TMdata/git_geomar_de_data/ERAIN_SFC12_MM/v2.x.x/data/nc/"
use "/data/c2/TMdata/git_geomar_de_data/ERAIN_SFC12_MM/v2.x.x/data/nc/"
use "/data/c2/TMdata/git_geomar_de_data/ERAIN_SFC12_MM/v2.x.x/data/nc/"
! load climatological axes
use climatological_axes
......@@ -10,8 +11,10 @@ cancel data climatological_axes
se region/y=30S:30N/x=60W:20E
let taux = IEWS[d=1]
let tauy = INSS[d=2]
let ocean_mask = if LSM[d=3, l=@max] eq 0 then 1
let taux = IEWS[d=1] * ocean_mask
let tauy = INSS[d=2] * ocean_mask
let taux_seasonal_cycle = taux[gt=month_gregorian@mod]
let tauy_seasonal_cycle = tauy[gt=month_gregorian@mod]
......@@ -24,11 +27,11 @@ se window/asp=2/siz=2
! plot mean wind stress
se viewp upper
vector/yskip=2/title="mean wind stress" taux[l=@ave], tauy[l=@ave]
go fland
go land
! plot wind stress anomalies (w.r.t. seasonal cycle) for a given day
set viewp lower
vector/length=3e-2/title="wind stress an. May 1982"/t="15-Mar-1982" taux_deseasoned, tauy_deseasoned
go fland
go land
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