Commit 3cfd81b1 authored by Willi Rath's avatar Willi Rath

Merge branch 'develop' into 'master'

Add ERAIN monthly surface fields

See merge request !24
parents be826bcc ea899cb4
......@@ -15,6 +15,8 @@ ${DEPLOY_DATA} -n ASCAT -p ${DATA_PATH} -u -r v1.x.
${DEPLOY_DATA} -n AVISO -p ${DATA_PATH} -u -r v1.x.x
${DEPLOY_DATA} -n AVISO_eddy_trajectories -p ${DATA_PATH} -u -r v1.x.x
${DEPLOY_DATA} -n deBoyer_MLD -p ${DATA_PATH} -u -r v1.x.x
${DEPLOY_DATA} -n ERAIN_SFC12_MM -p ${DATA_PATH} -u -r v1.x.x
${DEPLOY_DATA} -n ERAIN_SFC12_MM -p ${DATA_PATH} -u -r v2.x.x
${DEPLOY_DATA} -n ETOPO1 -p ${DATA_PATH} -u -r v1.x.x
${DEPLOY_DATA} -n HadISST -p ${DATA_PATH} -u -r v1.x.x
${DEPLOY_DATA} -n MIMOC -p ${DATA_PATH} -u -r v1.x.x
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