Commit 44e9663a authored by Willi Rath's avatar Willi Rath

Add NSIDC sea ice concentration data (#53)

parent 0902b597
repo_name: NSIDC_Sea_Ice
people: Willi Rath (<>)
repo_description: |
NOAA/NSIDC Climate Data Record of Passive Microwave Sea Ice Concentration,
Version 3
prefixes: data doc
- url: ""
cut_dirs: 4
prefix: data
accept_files: "*.*"
method: !!python/name:data_repo_renderer.WgetRecursive
- url: ""
file_name: SeaIce_CDR_CATBD_final_Rev-5.pdf
prefix: doc
method: !!python/name:data_repo_renderer.CurlSingleFile
- url: ""
file_name: essd-5-311-2013.pdf
prefix: doc
method: !!python/name:data_repo_renderer.CurlSingleFile
- url: ""
file_name: nsidc.org_data_G02202_versions_3_print.html
prefix: doc
method: !!python/name:data_repo_renderer.CurlSingleFile
- util/
# define and export convert function
function convert_to_nc4c {
echo "converting ${file_name}"
nccopy -7 -d 1 -s -c "time/1,ygrid/100,xgrid/100" \
${file_name} ${file_name}_tmp_nc4
mv ${file_name}_tmp_nc4 ${file_name}
export -f convert_to_nc4c
# bunzip and convert using 4 threads
find data/ -type f -iname \*.nc -print0 | \
xargs -0 -n1 -P4 -I {} bash -c "convert_to_nc4c {}"
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