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Resolve "Add CCMP winds"

Closes #5

See merge request !14
parents 6945b0ee d13b0572
repo_name: CCMP_v2
people: >
Willi Rath (<>), Josefine Herrford (<>),
Kristin Burmeister (<>)
repo_description: |
Cross-Calibrated Multi-Platform (CCMP) gridded surface vector winds from
acknowledgements: >
CCMP Version-2.0 vector wind analyses are produced by Remote Sensing
Systems. Data are available at
- text: "Wentz, F.J., J. Scott, R. Hoffman, M. Leidner, R. Atlas, J.
Ardizzone, 2015: Remote Sensing Systems Cross-Calibrated Multi-Platform
(CCMP) 6-hourly ocean vector wind analysis product on 0.25 deg grid,
Version 2.0, [indicate date subset, if used]. Remote Sensing Systems,
Santa Rosa, CA. Available online at"
doi: "---"
- text: "Atlas, R., R. N. Hoffman, J. Ardizzone, S. M. Leidner, J. C.
Jusem, D. K. Smith, D. Gombos, 2011: A cross-calibrated, multiplatform
ocean surface wind velocity product for meteorological and
oceanographic applications. Bull. Amer. Meteor. Soc., 92, 157-174."
doi: "10.1175/2010BAMS2946.1"
prefixes: data doc
- url: ""
cut_dirs: 2
prefix: data
accept_files: "*.nc"
method: !!python/name:data_repo_renderer.WgetRecursive
- url: ""
cut_dirs: 1
prefix: doc
accept_files: "*.py"
method: !!python/name:data_repo_renderer.WgetRecursive
- url: ""
file_name: data.remss.com_ccmp_readme_ccmp.pdf
prefix: doc
method: !!python/name:data_repo_renderer.CurlSingleFile
- url: ""
file_name: www.remss.com_measurements_ccmp.html
prefix: doc
method: !!python/name:data_repo_renderer.CurlSingleFile
- util/
# define and export convert function
function convert_to_nc4c {
echo "converting ${file_name}"
nccopy -7 -d 1 -s -c "time/1,latitude/100,longitude/100" \
${file_name} ${file_name}_tmp_nc4
mv ${file_name}_tmp_nc4 ${file_name}
export -f convert_to_nc4c
# compress all nc-files in data
find data/ -type f -iname \*.nc -print0 | \
xargs -0 -n1 -P4 -I {} bash -c "convert_to_nc4c {}"
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