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# ISOS DM-tools Git & Jupyer Notebook course materials
## Set up an anaconda installation
(Lending from:
### Download Miniconda3
Get the latest Miniconda3 installer from
On (64 bit) Unix/Linux/Mac:
wget -O
### Install Miniconda3
On Unix/Linux/Mac (automatically accepts license, and adds to path):
bash -b -p $HOME/miniconda export PATH="$HOME/miniconda/bin:$PATH"
### Install the environment
There is an environment file
[dm-tools_py3.yml](dm-tools_py3.yml) containing
everything needed to run the course material:
name: python-intro
- conda-forge
- python=2.7
- anaconda-client
- basemap
- cmocean
- ipython
- jupyter
- matplotlib
- netCDF4
- numpy
- pandas
- psycopg2
- seaborn
- xarray
On Unix/Linux/Mac, create the environment using
conda env create --file dm-tools_py3.yml
### Activate the environment
On Unix/Linux/Mac:
source activate dm-tools_py3
### De-activate the environment
On Unix/Linux/Mac:
source deactivate
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