Commit 0d1002a6 authored by Markus Pahlow's avatar Markus Pahlow

amend documentation of option O_correct_ice_to_ocean_stress

parent 9f0198f5
......@@ -104,7 +104,7 @@ Option | Comment/description | Default
`O_ice_firfil` | filter ice velocities with firfil | OFF
`O_ice_cpts_roth_press` | uses roth pressure | OFF
`O_ice_cpts_simple_growth` || OFF
`O_correct_ice_to_ocean_stress` | Kiel group bug fix?| ON
`O_correct_ice_to_ocean_stress` | correct heat flux for ice cover | ON
Comment WK, 06.12.17: I never changed options for the ice model and never looked this up in any detail. Hence I just provide here the default settings that I use in all my model runs.
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