Commit 1320c08e authored by Markus Pahlow's avatar Markus Pahlow

add documentation

parent d3217a50
......@@ -865,6 +865,9 @@ C graz_Z(i,j) is grazing of zooplankton j on zooplankton i
ing_D = gmax*zprefD/thetaZ*bioz
graz_D(1) = ing_D*biodiaz
morp_D = nupt*biodiaz ! linear mortality
! this formulates N uptake by diazotrophs as the product of growth rate and an N-limitation term
! it is a mistake introduced by Schmittner et al. (2008)
! the term should read: biono3/(k1n + biono3)*avej_D*biodiaz
no3upt_D = biono3/(k1n + biono3)*npp_D ! nitrate uptake
# if defined O_npzzd
ing_D2 = gmax2*z2prefD/thetaZ2*bioz2
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