Commit 4d2c9b17 authored by Markus Pahlow's avatar Markus Pahlow

update default to reflect the renaming of cmo to opem

parent 308f9e9d
# Add version directory for use
# for Uvic_ESCM 2.9 version reference run with the cmo extension
# for Uvic_ESCM 2.9 version reference run with the opem extension
### Add your directory path here:
Version_Directory =
......@@ -98,9 +98,9 @@ O_increase_isopyc_diff
### sediment model options (need source_sed and source_mom)
......@@ -213,8 +213,3 @@ Updates_Level = opem
No_Warnings = true
Preprocessor = fpp
Libraries = -lnetcdf -lnetcdff
Compiler_F = ifort -r8 -O3 -mp1 -heap-arrays 10 -warn nouncalled -g -c -fpe0
Compiler_f = ifort -r8 -O3 -mp1 -heap-arrays 10 -warn nouncalled -g -c -fpe0
Compiler_F90 = ifort -r8 -O3 -mp1 -heap-arrays 10 -warn nouncalled -g -c -fpe0
Compiler_f90 = ifort -r8 -O3 -mp1 -heap-arrays 10 -warn nouncalled -g -c -fpe0
Linker = ifort -r8 -O3 -mp1 -heap-arrays 10 -warn nouncalled -g -fpe0 -o
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