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correct git submodule instructions

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......@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@ UVic-updates-opem introduces optimality-based phytoplankton and zooplankton into
## Setup
1. Clone the [UVic_ESCM-2.9]( to obtain the base code and data files
2. Enter the `updates/opem` folder and issue the commands `git submodule init` and `git submodule update`
2. Enter the `UVic_ESCM-2.9` folder and issue the commands `git submodule init`, `git submodule sync`, and `git submodule update`
OPEM is activated via the compile-option `O_opem` and `Updates_Level = opem` in The first `Source_Directory` in must be set as `Source_Directory(1) = updates/opem/f90`. A template []( is provided in this project for compilation with ifort. You must set the Version\_Directory to the root folder of your UVic\_ESCM-2.9 installation, i.e., where the mk executable and the run folder are. Note that I also set Libraries, Compiler_F, etc. in Option `O_npzzd` switches on a second zooplankton compartment, but we have not used this yet. Option `O_opem_chl` switches on dynamic chlorophyll tracers. See also this [description of preprocessor options]( Here is a (still incomplete) commented [](
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