Commit 7c7601b0 authored by Markus Pahlow's avatar Markus Pahlow

raise the threshold for mu0 in si_tchss to prevent division by 0

parent 1b4749c5
......@@ -337,7 +337,7 @@ CONTAINS
REAL(dp), INTENT(IN) :: phin, zN
REAL(dp) :: paravg, PARb, aim, depfrac, l1, l2
IF ((phy%PARs.GT.phy%I0).AND.(phy%mu0.GT.1E-30_dp)) THEN ! (A4)
IF ((phy%PARs.GT.phy%I0).AND.(phy%mu0.GT.1E-10_dp)) THEN ! (A4)
PARb = MAX(phy%I0, phy%PARb)
depfrac = LOG(phy%PARs/PARb)
paravg = (phy%PARs - PARb)/depfrac
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