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# Preprocessor Options
## A very brief description of the various UVic preprocessor options
### Version: 0.62, 07.02.2019
### Version: 0.7, 07.11.2019
Generally this follows the structure of the files, but only documents the Model\_Options part. For each of the subsections of the Model\_Options part this documentation provides a table of the options, a short description of their purpose and default settings for use with the Kiel Biogeochemistry Model.<br>
Abbreviations used: WK=Wolfgang Koeve, MP=Markus Pahlow
......@@ -15,21 +15,20 @@ means that it is turned OFF. Options not given in a are treated as being t
This documentation refers to the August 2014 Keller/Eby merged code. This code base combines the official UVic 2.9.0 source-code and the updates of the Keller/Eby merge. The latter consists of code from Keller et al. 2012 (GMD), some code revision from Mike Eby and several smaller code fixes to the Keller et al code version.
Compiler options of my (WK) additional code is documented elsewhere.
Compiler options of my (WK) additional code are documented elsewhere.
WARNING: UVic has a plethora of preprocessor options. Many combinations of them may be meaningless. Hence do not change things you do not understand. Always start from a safe source, e.g. an you got from your supervisor and/or a colleague you trust. When you are not sure about certain options, try to understand what the option implies in the code and eventually discuss the issue with your colleagues.
TIP: If you want to find out which routines are affected by a given preprocessor option,
cd to the your current updates subfolder folder and find out via grep, e.g.,
[wkoeve@riley source]$ pwd
[wkoeve@riley source] grep –nHr O_npzd_alk *
~$ cd UVic_ESCM/2.9/updates/opem/source
~/UVic_ESCM/2.9/updates/opem/source$ grep –nHr O_npzd_alk *
Will give you listing of some 20+ places in the model code where code sections start that are affected by that compiler option, e.g., <br>
`mom/tracer.F:369:# if defined O_npzd_nitrogen`
Also, do the same for the UVic 2.9 source-source, for those files which have never been changed in the updates branch.
Also, do the same in `UVic_ESCM/2.9/source`, for those files not in the updates branch.
## Options common to all model components (need source/common)
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