Commit cac175d8 authored by Jochen Mohrmann's avatar Jochen Mohrmann

anonymised path names.

parent ce2bd6fa
......@@ -95,13 +95,13 @@
"# set name of this jupyter notebook file\n",
"# if this file is not in your working directory, specify the whole file path\n",
"notebook = \"/media/jochen/Work/AUV_navadjust_4Jochen_playground/notebooks/AUVAbyssWorkflow_singlesurvey_MK.ipynb\"\n",
"notebook = \"/path/to/notebook/AUVAbyssWorkflow_singlesurvey_MK.ipynb\"\n",
"# enter spatial resolution in meter\n",
"sr = 3\n",
"# enter rootpath of raw-data\n",
"rootpath = \"/media/jochen/Work/AUV_navadjust_4Jochen/Abyss0253\"\n",
"rootpath = \"path/to/data/Abyss0253\"\n",
"print (dive)\n",
"print (sr)\n",
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