Commit 8c324e41 authored by Kosmas Hench's avatar Kosmas Hench

update 2d LD binning scripts (output name)

parent 82d64f37
......@@ -9,4 +9,4 @@
cd $WORK/2_output/08_popGen/08_LD_extended
Rscript --vanilla $WORK/0_data/0_scripts/2d_mean.R XXnameXX.ext.hap.trans_table.ld XXnameXX.ext. 10000 0.9995 $PWD
Rscript --vanilla $WORK/0_data/0_scripts/2d_mean.R XXnameXX.ext.hap.trans_table.ld XXnameXX.ext 10000 0.9995 $PWD
......@@ -9,4 +9,4 @@
cd $WORK/2_output/08_popGen/08_LD_extended
Rscript --vanilla $WORK/0_data/0_scripts/2d_mean.R global.ext.hap.trans_table.ld global.ext. 10000 0.9995 $PWD
Rscript --vanilla $WORK/0_data/0_scripts/2d_mean.R global.ext.hap.trans_table.ld global.ext 10000 0.9995 $PWD
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