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......@@ -110,6 +110,8 @@ conda create -n py3_std python=3 numpy matplotlib scipy ipykernel
> _(Do **always** install `ipykernel` into the environment, to make sure that JupyterLab recognizes the new environment as a kernel.)_
> _An opinionated recommendation for a computing env [can be found here](#appendix-recommended-environment)._
### Use the environment in JupyterLab
......@@ -193,6 +195,19 @@ Now, you can paste the URL (usually of the form `http://localhost:8888/?token=XX
an integrated web-based computing environment
## Appendix: Recommended environment
conda create -n py3_std -c conda-forge python=3 \
aospy basemap basemap-data-hires cartopy cdo cf_units \
cftime cmocean dask distributed eofs fortran-magic \
git git-lfs gsw haversine hdf5 ipython iris iris-sample-data \
jupyter line_profiler matplotlib nco netCDF4 numpy pandas \
pytables python-cdo scikit-learn scipy seaborn seawater \
xarray zarr ipykernel
## Appendix: Installation process if you're behind a firewall
### What do you need to be able to access?
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