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......@@ -110,6 +110,41 @@ _This will show how to connect to Jupyterlab if your web browser cannot
directly access its address._
### Start Jupyterlab on a remote machine
After installing Jupyter and your Python environments on a remote machine, follow the instructions under [Start Jupyterlab above][#start-jupyterlab]
### The essential steps
To let your browser see the network like it looks from a remote machine
(called `` here), run the following:
ssh -f -D localhost:54321 sleep 15
chromium-browser --proxy-server="socks5://localhost:54321"
This will open an SSH session that provides a local network socket tunneling
all traffic through `` and then tell chromium to use this
socket as aproxy server. (The next step provides a script that bundles this and
handles a few caveats like isolating the tunneled browser session from your
other activities on the internet.)
### Wrapped in a script
Download the script (only needed once):
curl -O
chmod a+x
And run it to connect to ``:
## Appendix: Jargon
- `conda` is the package manager of the [Anaconda Python
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