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Mention windows tunneling script in README

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......@@ -135,6 +135,13 @@ And run it to connect to ``:
Note that these steps will only work, if `` (or whatever the real address of the remote computer) is a known host in `.ssh/known_hosts`. (To test this, simply create an SSH connection to ``, if it is not yet a known host, you will be asked whether to continue and if you do, `` will be added to `.ssh/known_hosts`.)
### Wrapped in a script on Windows
First, make sure to have `Git bash` installed. You can obtain it by installing <>. (Note that you don't really need Git for all the following, but we'll use it to get a fully functional Bash on Windows.)
Then, follow the steps above but replace `` by ``.
## Appendix: Trouble Shooting
- If you get `ImportError: [...]: version GLIBC_[...] not found` errors on relatively old machines, make sure to priorize the `defaults` channel over `conda-forge`. This is done by specifying `-c defaults` **before** `-c conda-forge` in `conda install` or `conda create` commands.
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