Commit 46f95321 authored by Jan Klaus Rieck's avatar Jan Klaus Rieck

fixed typo in depthsum()

parent 22d9b8b8
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......@@ -938,7 +938,7 @@ def depthsum(ds, std_count=False):
std = xr.Dataset()
count = xr.Dataset()
grids = possible_grids(ds)
if any([e not in ds.coords for e in ['e3t', 'e3u', 'e3v', 'e3f', 'e3w']]):
if all([e not in ds.coords for e in ['e3t', 'e3u', 'e3v', 'e3f', 'e3w']]):
raise ValueError('no `e3?` found in dataset for weighting of the'
+ ' vertical average!')
for gr in grids:
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