Commit 701538aa authored by Patrick Wagner's avatar Patrick Wagner

Merge branch 'fix_default_e2v' into 'master'

Change default e2v in shift_grids from e1v to e2v

See merge request !31
parents e8277fbb a3a898a3
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......@@ -109,7 +109,7 @@ def shift_grids(gridU, gridV, mesh_hgr, mesh_zgr, mask, gridT=None,
coords_to_keep=('time_counter', ),
vars_to_keep=('vozocrtx', 'vomecrty', 'votemper', 'vosaline',
var_e1v='e1v', var_e2v='e1v', var_e1u='e1u', var_e2u='e2u',
var_e1v='e1v', var_e2v='e2v', var_e1u='e1u', var_e2u='e2u',
var_e1t='e1t', var_e2t='e2t', var_e3u='e3u', var_e3v='e3v',
"""Interpolate all input grids onto U-points and V-points and delete
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