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# Nvidia compiler SDK container
A ready-to-use C, C++ and FORTRAN compiler environment for GPU programming.
Works not only on the `scalcg*` machines, but also on any other (HPC) system with Nvidia GPUs and `singularity` installed.
## Download image
From the NVIDIA GPU Cloud,
#$ singularity build nvhpc_20.7_devel.sif docker://
$ singularity pull docker://
$ singularity shell --nv nvhpc_20.7_devel.sif
Much slimmer, but runtime-only, container images for CUDA driver versions 10.1, 10.2 and 11.0 are available too.
## Examples
$ singularity shell --nv ${NVIDIA_IMAGE_PATH}
$ git clone
$ singularity shell --nv nvhpc_20.7_devel.sif
$ git clone
$ cd nvidia-compiler-sdk-container/test_nvidia_compilers/
$ bash
Test Passed
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