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Changelog for 0.2.1 to 0.2.2

Bug Fixes
* Fixed computation of sponge layers (#68)
* Fixed compatiblity issues with gcc-4.7

New Features
* New namelists: swm_dmaping_nl, diag_nl, domain_nl, calendar_nl
* support for lagrangian grids, e.g. for trajectories.
* The computation of the coriolis parameter can now defined in model.h. It can take values of NOF, FPLANE, BETAPLANE and SPHERICALGEOMETRY (default). In cases of FPLANE and BETAPLANE the coriolis parameter is defined accoring to the value of theta0 in domain_nl
* diagnostics are now handled via namelist. Every variable in the new variable register can be diagnosed
* Support for spatially varying linear and quadratic damping coefficients. Input files defined in swm_damping_nl
* Possebility of oscillating forcing is added. The use provides the real and imaginary part of forcing field and angular frequency. The forcing is then computes as $c \e^{i\omega t} + c^* \e^{-i\omega t}$ 

Major changes
* the model is now linked against udunits2 library. Compatibility checked for gcc-4.4.7

Minor Changes
* Changed default String length to 256, due to long file paths
* New DEF_NT_CHUNKSIZE makro defining the default chunk size of mem chunks
* Now all namelists are in model.namelist by default. Can be changed in io.h
* There are now no sponge layers by default
* The forcing input streams are now handled as a linked list
* model_nl now contains following variables: 
* grid information is now handeled via derived types
* major recoding of calc_lib module
* major code cleaning of io_module
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