Commit b1abf9bc authored by Tobias Steinhoff's avatar Tobias Steinhoff


parent 888ec0c8
......@@ -32,6 +32,9 @@ temperature | degC | CTD temperature reading
salinity | | calculated CTD salinity
oxygen sensor | µmol/kg | Oxygen concantration as recorded by the CTD sensor. The data are calibrated with Winkler titrated samples.
chl2_raw | | flourescence from Wetlabs Fluorometer (serial # FLNTURTD-2928)
chlorophyll a | µg/L | calculated chlorophyll concentration using calibration coefficents from Wetlabs
potential density [kg/m3] QF oxygen titrated [mmol/kg] turb_raw QF NO3 [µM/L] QF NO2 corr. [µM/L] PO4 [µM/L] SiO2 [µM/L]
chlorophyll a | µg/L | calculated chlorophyll concentration using [calibration coefficents from Wetlabs](
potential density | kg/m3 |
oxygen titrated | umol/kg | oxygen concebtration determined by Winkler titration on board
turb_raw | | turbidity data raw from Wetlabs fluorometer
NO3 | µM/L | nitrate concentration, calibration solution was too low, so some samples are off scaleQF NO2 corr. [µM/L] PO4 [µM/L] SiO2 [µM/L]
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