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......@@ -4,13 +4,18 @@ GO Labview programm was adjusted for the following points:
* read MQTT protocol from LI7815
* add data lines to GO generated text file
* change the idle position of the Valco valve to the open port (port 9)
Hardware settings/changes:
* shortcut equilibrator pump and set pump speed to 0
* pressure was measured in the gas line with the LI6262 when measuuring equilibrator air
* The pressure for the standard gases atteh gas regulators was set to 4 PSI. The pressure for the standard gases in the gas stream when gas was flowing was adjusted to teh pressure measured during equilibrator measurements using the needle valves.
## test runs
the instrument was connected in line with a LI6262.
<img src="figures/LI7815-GO-setup.png" width="600">
<img src="figures/LI7815-GO-setup.png" width="500">
The pressure of the gas standras was set to 4 PSI.
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