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Prep sfb colloquium

See merge request willirath/towards_reproducible_science!29
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......@@ -5,6 +5,7 @@ pages:
- cp towards_reproducible_science.html public/index.html
- cp towards_reproducible_science_remark_included.html public/index_remark_included.html
- cp public/
- cp slides.pdf public/.
- cp -r images/ public/.
- cp -r data/ public/.
- cp -r notebooks/ public/.
No preview for this file type
......@@ -21,7 +21,7 @@ Data-Management Team, GEOMAR IT Department, … _]
online slides —
PDF slides —
Git repo —
......@@ -166,8 +166,6 @@ etc. lose strict linearity.
class: left, bottom
count: false
.right[.smaller[*... note that we’re still weighting all months equally.*]]
.center[<img src="images/fig_03_HadISST_global_and_annual_mean_SST_anomalies_all_variants.png" width="99%">]
.smaller[[This notebook][fig_03_notebook_on_nbviewer] adds arithmetic averages and shows all 12 variants.]
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