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# Towards ~~Reproducible~~ Repeatable Science
# Towards _Efficient & Reproducible_ Science
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> ## Abstract
> With a growing public debate around a “reproducibilty crisis”, with journals
> expecting the publication of data associated with a paper, and with funding
> agencies more vigorously enforcing open-data policies, it is often
> overlooked, that the main benefits of reproducible scientific work do not lie
> in fulfilling these rather abstract requirements, but in making scientific
> work more efficient and in greatly facilitating communication and
> collaboration between individual scientists or among small groups.
> After working out how reproducibility is usually broken, this talk seeks to
> provide a simple framework for assessing the reproducibility of scientific
> work flows, and to give an overview of existing building blocks for
> reproducible science at Geomar and beyond.
> This talk is meant for an audience of scientists at any stage in their career
> and in any organisational role, for students, and for technical support
> staff.
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<title>Repeatable Work Flows | Willi Rath</title>
<title>Towards Efficient &amp; Reproducible Science | Willi Rath</title>
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# How to build<br>_Efficient & Reproducible_<br>work flows?
# Towards <br>_Efficient & Reproducible_<br> Science
Willi Rath | <>
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