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  • v0.2.0
    Release v0.2.0
    • Example data is not included as a submodule any more.

    • As preprocessing in open_mfdataset is very difficult to get right without creating giant chunks that trigger expensive computes in intermediate steps, there now is xorca.lib.load_xorca_dataset that handles all data and aux files.

    • There are optional tests with real-world data. These optional tests are only run if the contents of https://git.geomar.de/willi-rath/xorca-example-data/ are present in _example_data/. Handling temporary test data has been improved by ensuring that tmp directories are torn down after each test. (This was critical for CI, where a limit on container size prevented larger tests from finishing.)

  • v0.1   Tag first flexible and fully tested version.
    Release v0.1
    • Complete test coverage (apart from the calculation part)
    • regional / nested model data is not trimmed
    • everything is dask arrays
    • basic documentation
    • overriding default behaviour is possible for trimming, chunking, and variable-name mapping