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Ensure style conventions

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......@@ -201,4 +201,4 @@ def compare_sverdrup_transport(datasets, variables=("sverdrup_transport")):
for col, v in enumerate(variables):
ax[-1, col] = plot_time_mean_sverdrup_transport(diff, v, ax[-1, col])
return fig, ax
\ No newline at end of file
return fig, ax \n
\ No newline at end of file
  • Hi @ezra-eisbrenner, I added a bunch of functions for comparing plots of gridded data. However, there is a pep8 style convention issue I can't solve, the file does not pass pylint. The error message is 'No newline at end of file' but if I add a line break at the end of the file it still doesn't pass, the error message then is 'empty line at end of file'. Any idea what's the solution to this?

    Thanks, Finn

  • Hi @finn-heukamp,

    Try an empty last line (you had a blank line with white spaces once, that seems not to work).

    Or run black windeval/ which should take care of the issue too.

    As a side note, the \n character is the string representation of new lines, which in this case won't work since the code is not evaluated as string or strings.

    Best Ezra

  • You've got trailing whitespaces too:

     windeval/ W291 trailing whitespace
     ERROR: Job failed: exit code 1

    this can be taken care of by most editors on save, or alternatively, again, using black on the file, i.e. black windeval/

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